Karen Lee Neville - First Breath Art and WellbeingWelcome to First Breath Art and Wellbeing

Hi! I’m Karen. I’m a myotherapist, coach, healer, artist and art therapy teacher and I live on the south west coast of Australia in East Fremantle near the Swan River and by the sea.

My work is about supporting you to reduce stress, relax, and if you like, making your art YOUR way, with confidence, ease and fulfilment, whatever that means for you.

I believe in creating a loving, nurturing environment that provides you with the space to relax and also with encouragement and freedom to self express. You’ll find a place at ‘first breath art and wellbeing’ in which you can deeply relax, whether that be with hands on massage, healing, balancing, coaching, visualisation and relaxation techniques, as well as playful art therapy.